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A great relationship between a patron and restaurant staff is irreplaceable. It determines whether or not they come back, but most loyalty programs are generic, ineffective and unreliable because they don’t build that relationship.

Revolutionize Your Guest Experience with Norm AI
The Future of Restaurant Loyalty

Make the difference

Norm isn't just another loyalty program; it's a groundbreaking AI maître d' designed to transform how restaurants interact with each guest. Norm ensures every diner feels uniquely valued.

Customer Retention
Operational Cost Reduction


Tailor benefits to suit your business and your guests.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive design makes it easy for guests to track their benefits.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable insights into customer behavior to improve your offerings and service.

Benefits of Using Norm

For Your Restaurant

Increased Revenue

Watch your sales grow as Norm turns occasional visitors into regulars, enhancing guest satisfaction and increasing ticket sizes.

Build Real Relationships

Norm remembers every guest, customizing their experience with preferences and past visits to make every interaction memorable.

Enhanced Loyalty and Retention

Every visit is an opportunity to deepen loyalty through tailored benefits and special treatments that guests genuinely appreciate.

For Your Guest

Feel Recognized and Valued

Every guest feels like a VIP, with every visit tailored to their personal tastes and previous choices.


From arrival to departure, experience a frictionless dining experience that remembers your preferences and rewards your loyalty in meaningful ways.

Be the First to Know
and Enjoy

Norm ensures that loyal patrons are rewarded not just with great service but also with insider opportunities that enhance their dining experience.

Take the Next Step with Norm
How it Works?

Every patron is different!
Norm collects data every time guests visit your restaurant through their own personalized digital asset that provides exclusive benefits they really want.

From off menu items, special event invitations,  merchandise, kitchen tours, priority reservations, our program is designed to make each customer feel valued and appreciated.

Elevate your service and inspired loyalty. With our innovative approach, you’ll not only meet your guests expectations, but blow them away.

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