A zero-cost marketing strategy

We set out to create a platform that is completely free for all of our merchants in hospitality.

No upfront costs

Build your very own customized checkout page exactly the way you want it for free.

No monthly minimums

There are no minimum gift card sale requirements to keep your customized checkout page running live.

No setup or integration costs

We do not charge for gift card point-of-sale integration. We already have a variety of established partnerships.

No need to purchase any additional hardware

You do not need to purchase any additional equipment (e.g., scanner, terminal, other devices) to redeem your gift cards.

Our free consulting, onboarding, and promotions are available to anyone with a business in hospitality that signs up. If any of our merchants feel unsatisfied at any point, they are free to cancel without penalty.

How it works

Our pricing breakdown is simple. We charge 2.9%+ $0.30 for the use of our online payment processor only after a sale has been made and a small 3% convenience fee where you have the option of who pays. Either you as the merchant can absorb the fee, or buyers can pay on your customized checkout page. The choice is yours. That’s it! No other hidden fees or costs.

Ready to start generating additional income for the life of your business?